What Hotels Are Missing That Cruise Lines Get Right

Guest satisfaction is a top metric of success in any area of tourism. Happy guests translate to business success and stronger brand equity. Cruise lines know this all too well and have used it to their advantage. Which prompts the question – what can their land counterparts do to catch up?

Preparing for the High Season Without Additional Staff

It’s that time of the year, business is picking up and the premises are about to get busy. While hiring more staff for the peak season might seem like a straightforward answer, it’s not always the best option. Fortunately, there are many smart solutions, some of which you can implement immediately, that can sustain (and even enhance!) your guest experience despite resources being stretched out.

How Corporations Use GO to Manage Across Properties

Guests look for a cohesive, accessible and immersive experience where the hours melt away and the days just flow. That flow is experience design in action and a key revenue driver that GO facilitates. From the app, to managing teams, to unified, property-wide communication, when you’re on the same page you can work wonders for guests.

7 Wins When You Plan Experience Ahead of Construction

To build a successful hotel, resort, casino, cruise ship, or any guest venue, the experience should define the architecture. Before you break ground, before you have blueprints, plan how your guests will interact with your brand first. When you do, you’ll win in these seven important ways.

Guest Dwell: Stay, Play and Spend

The longer your customers stay at your location, the more money they’ll spend. The measurement of this time is called “dwell.” Learn what it means, why it is important, and how you can increase it by improving the guest experience.